Software for wages and salaries tab creation.

It's important that companies and/or institutions have a fair economic compensation software, these softwares should be accompanied by a strategic factors evaluation for every position with the purpose of being able to validate an equitable intern distribution in accordance with the executed functions and specialization levels, to this process we can refer to as “position valuation”. When the valuation is ready it will be possible to generate a salaries tab according to the specialization documented for every job and that it can be competitive. The process of position valuation helps to have internal equity in the companies or organizations, assigning equitable salaries to positions with similar responsibilities or similar duties. This helps to pay in an equitable way to the personnel and they have clarity on their wage growth inside the organization. With this method you will be able to know how much to pay to every position, having an objective justification, based on the most important factors for your organization.

Smart Salary is an online software that will let you manage the valuation of your job positions in a simple way and generate a wages and salaries tab achieving internal equity in the matter. The previous thing can be realized without being a specialist in the topic and you will get recommendations for every specific case. Also you'll be able to define the considered levels in your salary tab to identify the one that fit the most to your organization.

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Why Smart Salary?

How does the software works?

Smart Salary main characteristics

Smart Salary main characteristics are the following:

Web Accesses

You can enter the software from any mobile device or computer with Internet access, 24 hours a day ,365 days of the year. It doesn't matter your location, Smart Salary is a software in the cloud.


We have advisers and consultants highly qualified, to give advice in a quick and effective way to the doubts or problems you may have. Training through videos helps you to understand further the software's functions. The user's manual allows you to consult functional doubts of the software giving quick solution to your inquiries.

Free Updates

Smart Salary is updating constantly, our technical team does continuous upgrades to the software, therefore you will be able to enjoy a software with constant proposals and innovations.


You'll be able to export the positions valuation and the wages and salaries tab results in MS Excel format.


Smart Salary let you make a personalized configuration of the criteria that is important to your organization.This way you can be sure you're making a tabulator that is fulfilling your internal needs.


Smart Salary has a module that let you make an analysis of the wages for every level in the tabulator vs the real wages of each collaborator, identifying if the received salary is above or below the one the tab suggest.