Software for work or organizational environment survey application.

From a physical perspective we can define "environment“ as the group of factors that can change in a period of time, space and specific circumstances with direct repercussions on the different ecosoftwares. The same definition is applicable in the organizational scope since the created environment around the collaborators will affect in a considerable way the executed performance and the quality given to the realized activities. Some examples of these factors can be:

  • Teamwork
  • Development inside the organization
  • Competitive benefits
  • Effective communication
  • Performance evaluation
  • Appreciation
  • Work tools
  • Ergonomics and facilities

These factors will affect the perceptions of every collaborator in a direct or indirect way since every subject will develop a similar or different perception from its partners and if they are no treated in an optimal way they can affect negatively in the work environment.

Smart Clima is an online software that will allow you to have a wide catalog of factors to be evaluated through design quizzes and you could also create your own. Your collaborators will be able to answer the survey online and you could supervise the progress of their evaluation in real-time; when finished, you'll be able to generate in an automated way the reports with general averages and satisfaction levels in accordance with the perceptions of your collaborators to generate action plans that affect your organization in a positive way.

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Why Smart Clima?

How does the software works?

Smart Clima main characteristics

Smart Clima main characteristics are the following:

Web Accesses

You can enter the software from any mobile device or computer with internet access, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter your geographic location, Smart Clima is a software in the cloud.


We have advisers and consultants highly qualified, to give solution in a fast and effective way to the doubts or problems you may have. Training through videos helps you to understand further the software's functions. The user's manual allows you to consult functional doubts of the software giving quick solution to your questions. We guide you through the whole implementation process.

Free Updates

Smart Clima is updating constantly, our technical team does continuous upgrades to the software, therefore you will be able to enjoy a software with constant proposals and innovations.

Custom made reports

Obtain a report for every area (general statistics and satisfaction levels), with very detailed information about the results. The software delivers custom made reports. You will be able to filter the variables that are important to your organization and obtain complete statistical reports that help you with non-stop improvement.


Smart Clima allows you to design custom made surveys. You can select the questions and categories that you want. The software has 14 pre-loaded categories with more than 140 questions. Also, you will be able to edit or add new questions to the survey,making the software adaptable to your needs.

MULTIPLE accesses

You will be able to apply the surveys at the same time to an infinite number of queried people. The software allows answers from mobile devices or computers.