Software for measurement quality surveys application in service and client satisfaction.

Globalization, understood as an interdisciplinary and dynamic process, is a phenomenon that has settled in the world economy affecting the work forms used in any organization and betting for the quality in the service granted to the final user and this way to be able to stay in the market with competitive advantages. Nowadays the consumers have to its scope different options that offer a solution to the needs exhibited by the client what allows that different factors as the cost or budget, but also the quality of the service or product, influence the decision making. Several quality norms (for example ISO 9001:20015 ) use the measurement of the client's satisfaction as a key indicator for the certifications. Due to the previous information, the measurement in the satisfaction (quality in the service) of our clients have managed to acquire a fundamental importance since it will allow to have a diagnosis regarding the perception others have about our organization (considering products or services quality as well as the consultancy received before and after acquiring any offered solution).

Smart Feedback is an online software that will let you build up surveys and scales as well as different evaluation campaigns so that your clients can perform a feedback regarding the points that you consider to be indispensable (for example: quickness in the received attention, collaborators' training, quality of the product or service, received monitoring, anonymous comments, etc.). The created surveys can be sent via e-mail and you'll be able to know the advances regarding the applied sample as well as obtain automated reports including the general averages in regard to the satisfaction of your clients.

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Why Smart Feedback?

How does the software works?

Smart Feedback main characteristics

Smart Feedback main characteristics are the following:

Web Accesses

You can enter the software from any mobile device or computer with Internet access, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter your geographic location, PsicoSmart is a software in the cloud.


We have a high qualified team to solve your doubts and problems in a quick and effective way. The video tutorials will help you further understand the software's function. The user's manual let you check functionality issues about the software, giving a quick solution to your inquiries.

Free Updates

Smart Feedback is updating constantly, our technical team does continuous upgrades to the software, therefore you will be able to enjoy a software with constant proposals and innovations.

Custom made reports

The software delivers custom made reports. You'll be able to filter the variables that are important for your organization and obtain complete statistics reports that help you with continuous improve.


Smart Feedback let you design custom made surveys. You will be able to select the questions and the answer options. Also you'll be able to edit or add new questions to the surveys, making the software very adaptable to your needs.

multiple Accesses

You will be able to apply the surveys at the same time to an infinite number of queried people. The software allows answers from mobile devices or computers.