Software for 360 degree feedback evaluation application.

During the second half of the 20th century, the distinctive work of the industrial revolution (interest in producing in wide volumes) began to take a draft in the sense of knowledge and professional skills, having as a result the measurement of the performance executed by the human talent. This way they managed to obtain diagnostics in regard to the progress needed not only from the machinery used for the production, allowing them to concentrate on the development of skills and/or human competences needed to execute an activity, the professionalization of the work began to be a determinant factor linked to the quality of the product or service.

There are diverse performance evaluation methodologies and one of the most used ones in key positions (supervisors, coordinators, managers and directors) in an organization is the 360 degree feedback methodology since it allows to obtain a measurement that is not unidirectional and that guarantees objectivity since it's based on competences and observable behaviors; generated reports with this methodology allow the granting of feedback to the collaborators and focus the training needs in an intelligent and adaptable way to every personality.

Smart 360 is an online software that allows to manage a 360 degree feedback evaluation in a simple and personalized way for each of our clients since they will be able to select skills or observable behaviors from our wide list and make their own surveys, editing and adding personalized questions. You will be able to supervise the progress of your evaluation process in real-time and generate the reports of the evaluated subjects in an automated way.

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Why Smart 360?

How does the software works?

Smart 360 main characteristics

Smart 360 main characteristics are the following:

Web Accesses

You can enter the software from any mobile device or computer with Internet access, 24 hours a day ,365 days of the year. It doesn't matter your location, Smart 360 is a software in the cloud. This allows you not to depend on a computer or specific device: be able to enter from any device with Internet access!


We have advisers and consultants highly qualified, to give solution in a fast and effective way to the doubts or problems you may have. Training through videos helps you to understand to depth the software functionality. The user's manual allows you to consult functional doubts of the software giving quick solution to your questions. We guide you through the whole implementation process.

Free Updates

Smart 360 is updating constantly, our technical team does continuous upgrades to the software, therefore you will be able to enjoy a software with constant proposals and innovations.

Custom made reports

Obtain a report for every evaluated candidate, with very detailed information about his/her performance. The software delivers custom made reports. You'll be able to filter the variables that are important for your organization and obtain complete statistics reports that help you with continuous improve.


Smart 360 let you design custom made evaluations. You will be able to select the competences and behaviors from a wide list of more than 400. Also you'll be able to edit or add new questions to the survey, making the software very adaptable to your needs.

Multiple Accesses

You will be able to apply the surveys at the same time to an infinite number of queried persons. The software allows answers from mobile devices or computers.