Welcome to HumanSmart Consulting:

HumanSmart Consulting is recognized as one of the best consulting firms in Human Resources and Organization Development. We know our clients are the most important thing, therefore we offer them high quality products and services to a competitive price.

We are ruled by our high quality standards, defined through all our processes, this way we assure the delivery of excellent products and services. We have a workforce with internal consultants that are technically and humanly qualified, with great experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development areas.

We are a leading company in Human Resources whose main objective is to offer Company Training services, Executive recruitment (headhunting), IT Recruitment, high quality IT softwares focused in: 360 degree feedback, work environment assessment measure, organization metrics (KPI's) monitoring, job appraiser, salary tab, among others. We offer the maximum quality to our clients in every sale and post-sale, assuring a long term, solid, heartfelt relationship from both parts.