Software for KPI'S and quality targets measurement and monitoring.

When speaking about key performance indicators, we must understand its characteristics, functionality and application in the organizations, favoring a culture of performance measurement in regard with the targets claimed by any organization. A KPI (Key process indicator, key measurement indicator) is an indicator or metric that will help to know in a precise or certain way an action or task to realize for any collaborator in a company or institution. The measurement of these actions will provide a diagnostic to identify the required progress options so that the planned targets are reached in accordance with the strategic planification. That's why one of the recommendations at the moment of assigning targets is that these fulfill the following characteristics: 1) Specific, 2) Measurable, 3) Attainable, 4) Realistics, 5) Time based.

Smart Performance is an online software that will let you manage in a simple way the performance indicators assigned to your collaborators, allowing to generate documented evidence with regard to the measurement of the KPI. Likewise, your collaborators will be able to identify in a direct way the tasks and time assigned so that they can focus their attention and efforts in a specific thing. Also you'll be able to obtain evaluation reports for area or department to generate specific action plans and the option to administer wage increases linked to the performance of every collaborator.

Smart Performance main characteristics

Smart Performance main characteristics are the following:

Web Accesses

You can enter the software from any mobile device or computer with Internet access, 24 hours a day ,365 days of the year. It doesn't matter your location, Smart Performance is a software in the cloud.


We have a high qualified team to solve your doubts and problems in a quick and effective way. The video tutorials will help you understand deeply the software functionality. The user's manual let you check functionality issues about the software, giving a quick solution to your inquiries.

Free Updates

Smart Performance is updating constantly, our technical team does continuous upgrades to the software, therefore you will be able to enjoy a software with constant proposals and innovations.


You will be able to export the KPIs' reports of every collaborator to PDF or Excel in order to print them or store them in his/her records. Also the evaluated subject and department periods record will be able to be consulted.


Smart Performance let you configure the performance criteria, periods records, wage increase criteria, strategic criteria alignment, mail text, among other things.


Smart Performance sends mails with evaluations results, assigned KPI's and reminders to the supervisors so they generate evaluations when they already have evaluation date expired.