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Focus to improve
and increase financial profit

Online Psychometrics
for your organization

psychometric tests.

Smart 360
360 degree feedback
evaluation for leaders

Custom made
integral evaluation.

Smart Performance
KPI's measurement
and monitoring

Performance indicators

Smart Salary
Software for salary
tab creation

Position valuation
and equitable salary tab.

Smart Clima
Work environment

Aplication of work
environment assesment test

Online softwares developed to increase the productivity of organizations.

Our high quality Online softwares are focused on providing tools that allow our clients to apply organizational development strategies in a simple way, obtaining metrics that contribute to decision making and improvement plans.

Information in the cloud

Our softwares allow information to be queried in the cloud, from any mobile device, computer or tablet with Internet access.

Available 24 x 365

softwares are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You'll be able to enter the softwares from anywhere in the world using a mobile device at any time.

Suit to your needs

Most of our softwares can be set up according to your organizational needs, allowing you to configure the software according to your requirements.

Our softwares


Psychometrics software, application and automatic interpretation of psychometric tests for your company or organization. There are 12 automated psychometric tests.

Smart 360

Software for 360 degree feedback evaluation application. Online application of the 360 degree feedback method for meassuring the competencies of leaders or collaborators. 100% configurable to your organization, contains a catalog of preloaded behaviors and competencies.

Smart Clima

Software for meassuring work environment assessment. Online application of work environment assessment survey, editable questions, and results with automatic charts. 100% configurable to your organization, contains a catalog of pre-loaded questions. You can add more questions or edit the pre-loaded ones.

Smart Performance

Software for measurement and monitoring of KPIs (Key performance indicators). The software allows the assignment of KPIs to each member of the organization and the monitoring of these through a periodic review. It links performance to salary increases, giving a strategic role to salary increases.

Smart Salary

Software for Salary Tab creation. The software allows the valuation of job positions and the creation of a salary tab. The valuation method is rate by points. Give your organization a wage structure that allows you to make good decisions.

Smart Feedback

Software for satisfaction surveys application. Through the software you can create satisfaction surveys, perform measurement campaigns and generate statistics charts. You can make decisions at the right time with objective data.

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